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Introduction to CNS Limited’s Software Department

CNS Limited has a very specific approach towards maintaining a standard software development life cycle. Processes under the Software Development units are fully compliant with SEI CMMi Level 5 Maturity. In this connection, CNS Limited has also achieved global certification under CMMi Capability Maturity for its Software Department. The entire work of software development has several approaches and process / service areas where specific sets of input and output need to be generated. In this connection, Project Planning, Requirements Management (RQM), System Coding, unit testing, Deployment, Codebase Maintenance, Stable Version Management, Change Requests (CR) and Monitoring processes are noteworthy. CNS Limited addresses all those key process areas with industry standard best practices. CNS Limited maintains a special group of professionals called “Software Engineering Process Group (SPEG)” to monitor and fix process lags and shortfalls.

Introduction to CNS Limited’s Quality Assurance Department

The goal of the QA Department of CNS Limited is to verify that all software and documentation to be delivered meet all technical requirements.  The SQA procedures defined at CMMi Level 5 Maturity are used to examine all deliverable software and documentation to determine compliance with technical and performance requirements. CNS Limited is currently assessed as CMMi Level 5 Company for its software processes to be inline and fully compliant with CMMi Level 5 capability as well as maturity.

Policy adopted by CNS Limited for its software development puts a measure of independence for the QA Department.  This independence provides a key strength to QA; that is, the QA Department has the freedom, if the quality of the product is being jeopardized, to report this possibility directly above the level of the project. 


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