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"E-Ticketing Solution"


Yet another leap forward, CNS Limited uses its Railway Ticketing Engine's Core to introduce e-Ticketing System. The system consumes the core RTS data. The Site is designed, developed, implemented and maintained by CNS Limited. The e-Commerce site provides flexible means to purchase railway tickets from the web against payment through any VISA/MASTER card. The system uses universal VISA/MASTER payment gateway and can be used conveniently and securely by the users to purchase tickets.

The site is develped using contemporary Zend Framework and is implemented under 256 bit SSL secured web server. This means data sent and received by the client machines are encrypted to make it difficult to intercept while in network transit. The site is hosted at http://www.esheba.cnsbd.com and is open for public since 5th April, 2012

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Technology We Use

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